Friday, October 30, 2009

Why didn't I read this earlier?

Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca begins with a dream. That generally turns me off. Other people’s dreams are dull. But several trusted customers repeatedly recommended Rebecca and it’s on the list of 50 Books to Read Before You Die that sits on the counter every day, so I kept reading.

And it was like a dream. Each night I picked up the book, I was transported back to the gracious estate of Manderley. I lived there for two glorious nights as Maxim De Winter takes his nameless young bride there. She soon discovers she will never fill the shoes of Maxim’s enchanting first wife, Rebecca. And then realizes she’d never want to. The beauty of this book is that the characters you think you know become so much more than you thought.

The book ends with more dreaming, but this time you won’t want to wake up. If you don’t yet know Rebecca, you’ll want to meet her. If you’ve already read it, you may want to read it again. I will.


  1. This is absolutely one of my top three favorite books. Most people are surprised when I recommend it, then can't put it down. Halloween is a great time to get into it, too!

    Try the movie--Alfred Hitcock directed it. It is wonderful.

    ~Becky Bonfanti

  2. "Rebecca" is a wonderful book that really draws you in from the very first sentence; you wish it would never end. I read it several times. Be sure also to read and promote Daphne du Maurier's "My Cousin Rachel" which is just as "hypnotic" and riveting and starts with a great memorable sentence too. I envy people discovering those books for the first time...
    (From Marianne at New Voyage Trading)

  3. I began listening to this as an audio book, but didn't know anything about it. It was WONDERFUL! I'll have to pick up the book now. Thanks!