Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I glomp Writing Group

Billy's writing a novel for young adults about the comic book club. I laugh out loud every week as he reveals the inner life of high school comic book clubbers. They have this whole anime/manga vocabulary with awesome words like glomp (google it). Bunny writes a lot but her best pieces and the ones I most love to hate are these southern goth short stories. I swear, you feel like you're listening to a young (totally bizarre) Flannery O'Conner. She conjures up this imagery that feels as wise and vivid as my grandmother. Don's new. He has phenomenal diction (Bunny used that literary word, so I thought I'd steal it). Marshall's an old Methodist minister (don't worry, he's ok with the old part because he hangs with the young so well). He's spinning a family history for his grandson. He has a strong, southern preacher voice and his words melt as he reads. And Laura writes to my soul. She's a yoga, meditation junkie. Her writing gives my spirit peace.

Who needs therapy when you have writing group? Every Tuesday at 5:30.

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