Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Another Blog is Born

I’ve avoided blogs for much the same reason as I’ve avoided babies.

  1. They’re consuming. I like to read. I like to write. That’s a liability when you find yourself with complete and free access to the world’s sharpest thinkers and wittiest writers. The world of blogging, like babies, takes time, energy, attention. Suddenly you find your days dwindling away as the world wide web of ideas inspire and virtual conversations transpire.
  2. It’s the thing to do. I like to stay the course. I don’t stray far from societal expectations . So, I went to college. I married a nice boy. I opened a Roth IRA. And well, you know what’s supposed to come next. It’s the same with blogs. You open a business. You get a following. You blog about it. All my hip, in-the know friends have been saying it for years—Get a blog. Have a baby.
  3. I don’t particularly like to talk about eating, pooping, and sleeping. (ok, that’s not always entirely true). I have this horrible stereotype of bloggers that they post irrelevant, often irreverent, details about their daily life. Since I don’t have profound thoughts on any kind of regular basis, I didn’t want to inundate the world with more irrelevant irreverence.

And yet I’m caving in. Just as our species must have babies to continue our lines, so must bookstores have blogs. Here's the wonderful thing: I find myself weirdly excited about the possibilities brought on by blogging. Yes, it requires time and attention and yes, there's some uncertainty. But, ah the joy. I suppose it's the same with babies.

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  1. haha:) Jumping into Cyberworld. It must be done.